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English Language Schools in United States of America

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The USA is one of the most popular destinations to take an English course. Besides having beautiful sceneries and bustling cities, it offers a variety of schools to choose from. Over 600,000 students chose to study English in the USA every year. However, Americans chose to use much more slang than other English speaking countries. This is especially true for younger people, so the time you spend with them should be somewhat limited if you want to avoid picking up slang. Otherwise you may end up learning a lot of words that people out of your communication group will not understand. In addition, American spoken English is somewhat less grammatical than in most other English speaking countries such as the UK, Ireland, and Australia.

When you apply to US schools and for a visa, be prepared for a lot of paper work. This, however, may not be necessary for shorter courses. You will need to find out the details for your particular case. Application fares are quite high, as well as overall study and living costs (they are approximately the same as in the UK). If you intend to look for work in the USA, you have to apply for a different kind of visa.

The people, landscapes and traditions in the USA are extremely diverse. Nature-lovers will be fascinated by all sorts of places to explore, such as the Great Lakes, the Mississippi River, the sunny beaches of California, the Appalachian and Rocky Mountains, and much more.