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English Language Schools in UK

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United Kingdom is probably the first country people think about when they consider learning English abroad. This is not surprising, because the UK has the longest tradition of teaching English, as well as thousands of schools to choose from, and a variety of courses which comply with the highest standards of the language. The towns and cities are located quite close to each other, which makes travelling easy. However, be prepared for expensive train and bus fares. The UK has never been a cheap option for learning English. The study and living costs are the highest in London. The farther from London you go, the lower your expenses become. Nonetheless, they remain quite high compared to other countries. The coastal life is more secluded than life in the cosmopolitan cities. It’s also said that people are friendlier in remote regions. For example, Scotland has a reputation of being very welcoming and hospitable.

The rich historical and cultural background of the country will hardly leave you bored in your leisure time. The UK offers lots of interesting places to see. Besides discovering medieval buildings you can visit places such as the Tower of London, Stonehenge, Stratford-upon-Avon and Lake District and many more. You can also go to Scotland, which is most renowned for the beautiful wilderness of the Highlands. The other regions with places of interest are Wales and Northern-Ireland.

The weather in the UK is usually grey, cold and wet. People in neighbouring cities can have distinct differences in pronunciation, which may sometimes be confusing. Since the UK is a very popular destination, it’s quite difficult to get a part time job because of high competition. In addition, people should be aware of so called bogus schools which are set up to allow students to work legally instead of attending classes.