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English Language Schools in Toronto

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Toronto, Ontario, is an exciting and vibrant city. With abundant green space, broken up by a series of rivers and streams, Toronto is a clean and safe city, with a friendly population and a moderate climate. The city of Toronto is said to be named after the Huron word “toronton” which means “place of meetings” or “there is a lot”. Its multicultural and friendly atmosphere, a variety of educational and recreational places, and a good public transport system have made Toronto one of the most popular destinations for students from all over the world.

The study and accommodation costs are generally higher than those in Ottawa, Canada’s capital, yet they are lower than in the USA and the UK. There are lots of English schools, courses, and accommodation options to choose from. Most of the schools organize social, cultural, sport, and other entertaining activities for their students such as picnics, skating parties, trips to Niagara Falls, and many more.
In fact, Toronto is the center for business and industry in Canada, and it’s filled with exciting festivals, theaters, nightclubs, restaurants and numerous attractions which make it the cultural centre of the country.

Toronto position on the shore of Lake Ontario has a decisive influence on its climate, and it’s surprisingly mild. Winter in Toronto is usually quite short, but is accompanied by hard and cold phases.