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English Language Schools in Sliema

Sliema has more inhabitants than the capital of Valletta and is the largest town in Malta. The villages Sliema, St. Julians, Gzira and Msida run smoothly into each other, and it takes some practice to see the characteristic differences of these cities and to make out the old city boundaries.

Sliema is, for Maltese conditions, a relatively young city. In the course of time, Sliema has become the main service centre of Malta. You’ll find, for example, the embassies of most nations, the branches of many banks, insurance companies, travel agencies and a lot of shops. For students learning English, Sliema is particularly interesting, since it is one of the cities with the most language schools.

It is conveniently located between the nightlife centre of St. Julians and the transportation hub of Valletta, and the lively and well-kept promenade with the imposing view of Valletta and bays of the sea make it a good choice for students. Even in the winter months, the modern city is very popular because of the mild climate.