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English Language Schools in Nicosia

Nicosia, the capital and the largest city of Cyprus, shows contrasts between the modern Westernized style and an old Venetian style . The old city, which represents the historical centre and the heart of Nicosia, is surrounded with walls. It offers numerous museums, art galleries, churches, and medieval and neo-classical buildings, and you will be able to explore the narrow streets that have retained the romantic ambience of the past. The new city that has grown beyond the walls is full of all the modern facilities of today’s bustling life. Nicosia offers plenty of musical, theatrical, and other cultural events you can enjoy throughout the year. Nature lovers will be fascinated by the picturesque landscapes and sceneries of this charming place. The location of the city makes it a perfect place for exploration of the rest of the island.

The study and accommodation costs in Nicosia are usually lower than in other European capitals. There are lots of learning programs available for all needs.

Summers are long, hot and dry while winters are mild but relatively wet. This is truly a wonderful place for everyone who loves warmth and sunshine.