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English Language Schools in New Zealand

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Best known for its astonishing sceneries and landscapes, New Zealand has a lot to lay at one’s feet. About 98 percent of the population speaks English. English spoken in New Zealand is very close to Australian English, and you will find many people from the Northern Hemisphere that have difficulties distinguishing the two. The study costs here are lower than in the UK and the USA. However, the flights are usually priced quite high. Generally speaking, your trip to New Zealand is going to be beneficial as long as your study course is quite long (more than several months). The homestays are of good quality.

New Zealanders are known to be cultured and educated. They belong to the group of the highest cell phone and Internet users in the world. They are also fond of the outdoors, and this isn’t surprising. The terrific nature and fascinating panoramas of this amazing land will make you want to stay here forever. It is one of the most exotic islands on the planet because it has preserved an extremely high amount of species both flora and fauna which can’t be found anywhere else.

New Zealand offers lots of affordable outdoor activities such as hiking, mountaineering, kayaking, yachting, windsurfing, rowing, and much more. In addition, New Zealand has beautiful cities such as Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, and others. The famous Auckland museum, as well as lots of clubs and exciting nightlife, won’t leave you bored. New Zealand is also a popular destination for backpackers.

The climate is mild and temperate, like in most maritime countries. Average annual temperatures can range from 10 °C (50 °F) in the south to 16 °C (61 °F) in the north, with conditions altering strongly across regions.