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English Language Schools in Malta

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The Maltese islands are located south of Sicily in the Mediterranean sea. English is one of its two official languages, the other one being Maltese. The English language combined with the Mediterranean atmosphere makes Malta one of the most appealing destinations for foreigners to take an English course. The study and accommodation costs are the lowest in comparison with other European destinations. Entry and visa applications are much easier for some nationalities, which makes Malta even more interesting. English, however, isn’t the native language of most of the population, so you will need to be extra careful choosing a good, reputable language school.

Maltese are known to be generous and easy going people. They enjoy life and celebrate it as much as possible. There are plenty of cultural events to see, and a lot of history to discover. Malta is also known for its bustling nightlife: there are a great deal of clubs, excellent wine bars, and restaurants to visit. For those who enjoy natural landscapes, visiting some of the nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites can be very satisfying. The most prominent ones are the Megalithic Temples which are the oldest structures in the world. Since Malta is a small country, everything is close. You can explore the island and its smaller sister islands Gozo and Comino easily and at low cost.

The weather is warm for the most part of the year. Summer is hot, dry, and sunny. Spring and autumn are generally cooler, and winters are mild. The tides are imperceptible, so the Maltese coastal waters are generally safe for swimming and water sports. The peak beach season can sometimes even last until November.