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English Language Schools in London

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Multicultural and charming: choosing to study English in London gives everything you expect from a vibrant metropolis. The capital of the United Kingdom has about 7.5 million inhabitants, of which 2.7 million live in the actual city area of London. It is a city with history, art and culture, the city of fashion, design and non-stop entertainment. While the official language is English, there are more than 300 languages spoken within the city.

In London you won’t have any problems finding the right English course for you, and you will end up exploring the British way of life and beautiful hidden places of London. The quality of education meets the world’s highest standards. Approximately a quarter of all foreign students in the UK prefer to study in London. Because of such extreme popularity and competition, the study and accommodation costs in London are quite high compared to most other capitals.

The city attracts art lovers with its countless museums and their sometimes world-famous collections. Equally great is the offer of the local theater scene: in West End alone, every evening 50 performances are performed on the stage. In addition, the London palaces and mansions will charm you with their special pomp and splendor. Moreover, the vast green areas and parks in the city center allow unexpected nature experiences. In the evenings there is constant activity in Soho and Leicester Square – no matter what time it is, there is always something going on. Public transport consists of the London Underground, buses, and trams. Cycling is also a very popular way to get around the city.

London has reputation of being a rainy and foggy city. Winters are usually chilly to cold with occasional frosts that can occur from November to March. Average winter temperatures are around 5 °C (41 °F). It’s always a good idea to have a waterproof or windproof jacket for the colder season. Summers are generally warm to hot, mean temperatures being about 26 °C (80 °F).