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English Language Schools in Kyrenia

Situated in a beautiful location on the coast of the island, this city offers a unique backdrop of beautiful beaches and the wide panoramic view of the sea. Not only the enchanting location, but also the variety and versatility of the city makes it an attractive place. Kyrenia is the seat of the American University so you will find that it has all facilities you need and is full with life.

The fortification of the city, which overlooks the picturesque old town and give a medieval flair, are extremely interesting to discover. Inside the castle you will not only find impressive masonry and towers, but also an old shipwreck that probably sank in 306 BC near the coast and was recovered here. This vessel had particularly valuable cargo, amphorae and coins, and today one can still see them at the museum. Near the fort is also the Folk Art Museum which was housed in an old Cypriot house, and the moment you enter you will notice it radiates a unique atmosphere.
There is also architecture, churches, museums, the Besparmak Mountains and beautiful nature to discover.