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English Language Schools in Ireland

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Ireland, an island located in the north-west of continental Europe, inhabits people known for their generosity, hospitality, and warm-heartedness. You will at once notice their easy-going disposition on the lively streets lined with pubs and shops full of laughter and smiles. The study costs are a little lower than in the UK, being approximately the same as in Canada. Irish English is very close to the standard British English, the most obvious difference being a slight accent.

Flights to the UK and the continent can be quite cheap, which can make travelling and exploring the rest of Europe easy and enjoyable. If you would like to stay within Ireland, you can visit the three World Heritage Sites on the island: the Giant’s Causeway, the island Skellig Michael and Europe’s largest prehistoric site Brú na Boinne. Other places of interest include Ireland’s capital Dublin, the Guinness Storehouse, Book of Kells, the Lakes of Killarney, and the Dingle peninsula in County Kerry. Galway, the cultural capital of Ireland, gives you the chance to see the breathtaking landscape of Connemara and the Aran Islands. The Achill Island is a beautiful place for surfers. It includes 5 Blue Flag beaches and Croaghaun – one of the world’s highest sea cliffs.

The weather in Ireland is cold and wet for the most part of the year. July and August are peak season with relatively warm weather, longer days, and a number of lively festivals. Spring and autumn are marked with smaller crowds of tourists, as well as winter. The latter is usually quite cold. Be prepared for about 40 days of freezing temperatures below 0 °C (32 °F). Coastal regions tend to have warmer conditions. Many students say it’s easy to adjust to this specific weather, and that Ireland looks beautiful in the rain. However, if you prefer sunshine and warmth, Ireland is probably not the best option for you.