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English Language Schools in Gozo

Gozo is part of the trio of the Maltese Islands, it is smaller than Malta, but bigger than Comino.
A quick trip with the ferry will get you to the picturesque island, which is 14 km long and 7 km wide. So you will have enough time to explore the nature and the area of ​​the island during your language course.

The island has an atmosphere of magic and myth and is a place where admirers of history have the opportunity to explore the almost untouched island and discover the many fascinating historical background of past eras. In addition to churches, museums and villages, Gozo’s temples themselves are well worth seeing and will impress you. They are the oldest temples in the world and are one of the main attractions of the island.

The climate is very mild in Gozo with sunshine almost all year round. Life in Gozo runs at a comfortable pace.

With the many restaurants, the island offers dishes for every taste, and delights your taste buds with fresh produce from the fields and from the sea.