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English Language Schools in Cambridge

Together with Oxford, Cambridge is one of the most popular and prestigious English learning destinations in the UK that attracts thousands of students every year. The study and accommodation costs are approximately the same as in Oxford, being slightly lower than in London. There are numerous state and independent schools to choose from. They offer lots of courses for different levels of English, ages, and time durations. In addition to being a university city, Cambridge is renowned as a high-technology, software, and bioscience centre of England.

The cultural life in Cambridge is represented with sports such as football, cricket, rugby, tennis, and more; various theatres with lots of performances on offer; multiple museums and galleries; festivals and other events. The schools usually organize the leisure time activities for their students. Lots of parks, nature reserves, and gardens reveal the wonderful Cambridge landscapes and excellent sights. You can also take punting, walking, bus, and bike tours, which give a fantastic opportunity to take photos and enjoy the unique sceneries and exquisite architecture of the city and its suburbs. Other places of interest include remarkable churches and chapels, a variety of clubs, pubs and bars that contribute to the vibrant nightlife of the city, and cinemas. Students can hardly get bored in Cambridge!

The public transport system is mainly represented with buses and railways. Apart from that, a lot of Cambridge inhabitants use bicycles to travel to work and around the city.

Winters in Cambridge are damp and cold, while summers are relatively warm and bright, although they’re still quite unpredictable with a mix of rainy, cloudy, and sunny days. Snowfalls and freezing temperatures are rare in this area yet it’s always a good idea to take a warm waterproof coat, a hat, and gloves when you go to Cambridge.