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English Language Schools in Auckland

The most beautiful city of New Zealand is Auckland. While the city isn’t overly expensive, accommodation prices in Auckland can be a little higher than in Wellington, the capital of New Zealand. English language schools here offer excellent learning courses.

In Auckland, you can easily hop from one kind of adventure to another. The city is renowned for its sunny beaches, fascinating harbours, spectacular mountains, and a vibrant entertainment life that includes shopping, restaurants, nightlife, and more. You can opt to enjoy sparkling waters of the Waitemata, the famous Kelly Tarlton’s Underwater World, or the Auckland Sky Tower that offers a 360 degree panorama from its SkyDeck located 220 metres above the central business district. The numerous bays are perfect for all kinds of water sports, although sailing is most popular among New Zealanders. Because of this, the city has even been nicknamed the “City of Sails”. You’ll also have a chance to get familiar with the unique Maori culture. Various restaurants, bars, and cafes offer menus for any budget, from fine dining to a wide range of ethnic dishes. The people in Auckland are usually friendly and easy-going.

Auckland has a warm coastal climate and it’s one of the sunniest spots of New Zealand. Summers last from December to February, the average temperature being about 23 °C (74 °F). Winters are June through August, the average temperature being 12 °C (53 °F). Frosts are very rare.