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Adelaide is a quiet city that has wide roads amid green hills. You can easily forget that a million people live here because the atmosphere is much more ‘down to earth’ and a bit more serious than in other Australian cities.

The Rundle Mall is great for shopping, and besides finding large and small businesses there are lots of cafes, bars and restaurants. Even the East End market with hundreds of stalls with food from around the world is around the corner. On weekends, you can visit the market on Orange Lane offering many second-hand clothes and all sorts of knickknacks. The city has almost 30 parks and is said to be one of Australia’s most environmentally sustainable cities. Adelaide is famous for its variety of restaurants and sensational food.

The quality of education in Adelaide is excellent and there are many schools to choose from. The living costs are cheaper compared to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. Adelaide has the driest climate of Australia.