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Online Lessons by Elanguest

Online English Language Course by ElanguestElanguest offers a distance learning option for those who prefer to study from home. It is a great way to economise on time, travel, and accommodation, while enjoying the great teaching resources Elanguest has to offer. Online Lessons are an especially good tool for those wishing to practise conversational skills while outside a total emersion situation.

However, our Online Lessons are not a self-study programme! They much more closely resemble a private lesson structure. You will meet online with one of our excellent teachers at an agreed time, arranged on the basis of availability of both parties according to time zone. The lesson will proceed just as if you were here at the school, including use of course materials and homework, which are sent via electronic mail.

Each online lesson is comprised of one complete hour. The cost is €22 per lesson for individual students, but if you book as a group (which we can arrange for you) it’s just €14 per lesson, with a minimum schedule of 5 lessons per week. You may design your schedule with our staff according to your particular needs. Make use of the technological tools at your fingertips, and take a course of English while enjoying the comfort and convenience of your own home!


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