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Apply for a listing

There's currently a waiting list for additions, so please expect a delay of 5-10 business days while your entry is checked.
If you'd like to list or verify your school, or have any questions, please check our FAQ and drop us a line:
MediaCET Ltd, Box 1151 Office 6, Slington House, Rankine Road, Basingstoke. RG24 8PH United Kingdom.


Are those really 'follow' links?
Yes, they are. If we approve your listing (free) you will receive a traditional link. rel="nofollow" is for links not worth following or not relevant to the page. We don't consider a verified and relevant link to be 'no follow'. We manually approve and verify all entries; please don't apply if you're not an English Language School.
How do I add my listing?
We are deep in Alpha right now, it's the good old fashioned process of emailing us a paragraph of text, an image and some other details you think are relevant. We hope you feel it's worth it.

Important: Before you send anything -> Check your information is accurate and avoid 'marketing lingo'. If not we may reject your request!
What can I list?
Basic listings for now: Name, brief relevant information, web url (followable link), a good quality image and simple business details.
Why do I need to be approved?
All our listings are moderated, reviewed and approved - you need to own a fully fledged, operating, certified English Language School.
Can I list my courses?
Not yet, early adopters had that ability (see below).
Will this remain free?
No. For now we're building up reputation and rewarding early adopters, we expect to go live later this year with an imaginative and easy to use product.
I'm not approved, it's been ages.
Please wait, there's a bit of queue. This will change in the near future, but until then: Before you send anything, check your information is accurate!
I need help, I hate email.
Drop into our help forum here, we'll see what we can do!
Can we advertise our listing on the main site?
Not yet, likely at some point towards the end of the year. The volume of traffic on the main site is keeping us all in biscuits and tea, we can't justify the loss of advertising revenue to this free service yet.
Other schools have more detailed listings than mine!
First come, first served. (They joined up when we were a couple of blank pages) When we release the system later this year, there will be a fair playing ground for newcomers.
First 1/4 2012 Public information on our current stats is widely available on the web.