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Host Families Accommodation by Elanguest

Host Families accommodation in Malta by Elanguest English Language SchoolElanguest works with local host families who are carefully selected and regularly monitored. Staying with a host family is a great way for you to experience real Maltese culture and practise your English within a comfortable environment while outside of class.

All our host families live within walking distance of the school. They provide both breakfast and an evening meal for their guests. You can book either a single or a shared room. Bed linen is provided once per week, and you can discuss laundry arrangements with your particular family, as some request an extra fee.

Maltese people in general are very kind and friendly towards foreigners. St. Julian’s in particular, with its high tourist exchange, is very open to outsiders. However, Maltese culture does not typically include socialising inside the home. For this reason, many foreigners never get the chance to see the inside of a Maltese house, or know how a Maltese family lives. You have a rare chance to experience interacting with Maltese who have opened their hearts and homes to the opportunity of welcoming foreigners in.

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